Transform your outdoor space into a stunning oasis with the natural beauty of Texas stone and soil from CMX Outdoor, your trusted landscape supply expert in Katy. Whether you’re a landscaping veteran or a weekend DIY enthusiast, CMX Outdoor offers a vast selection of top-quality materials to bring your vision to life. Dive into the diverse world of TEXAS STONE and discover the perfect textures, colors, and shapes to elevate your landscape design.

Unveiling the Charm of Texas Stone in Your Landscape Design

TEXAS STONE, quarried from the heart of the Lone Star State, offers an unmatched character and durability that sets it apart from other materials. From the warm, earthy tones of Texas limestone to the bold elegance of flagstone, CMX Outdoor’s extensive collection caters to every aesthetic desire. Enhance your walkways, patios, retaining walls, or outdoor fireplaces with the unmatched charm of TEXAS STONE.

Embrace the Versatility of Texas Soil for a Thriving Landscape

SOIL forms the foundation of any healthy and vibrant landscape. At CMX Outdoor, you’ll find a variety of TEXAS SOIL options specifically formulated for the unique properties of the Katy region. Choose from nutrient-rich topsoil to enhance plant growth, drainage-specific mixes for optimal water management, or even decorative options like decomposed granite for a clean and polished look. Whether you’re nurturing a flourishing flower bed or establishing a low-maintenance ground cover, CMX Outdoor’s TEXAS SOIL solutions provide the perfect base for your landscaping dreams.

Beyond Stone and Soil: A Landscape Supply Haven in Katy

CMX Outdoor goes beyond just TEXAS STONE and SOIL, offering a comprehensive range of landscape supply solutions to cater to every project need. Explore their extensive selection of:

  • Paving stones and pavers: Create stunning patios, walkways, and driveways with a variety of materials like concrete, natural stone, and even permeable options for eco-conscious landscapes.
  • Mulch and decorative rock: Add pops of color and texture to your landscape while suppressing weeds and retaining moisture with a wide range of mulch and decorative rock options.
  • Artificial grass: Enjoy a low-maintenance, year-round green lawn with high-quality artificial grass solutions perfect for both residential and commercial applications.
  • Stacked stone and stone veneer: Elevate your outdoor living space with the natural beauty and architectural appeal of stacked stone and stone veneer, ideal for adding texture and dimension to walls, fireplaces, and other features.
  • Nursery: Breathe life into your landscape with a diverse selection of trees, plants, and flowers carefully chosen to thrive in the Katy climate.
Experience the CMX Outdoor Difference

With its convenient location in Katy, TX, CMX Outdoor makes it easy to find the perfect TEXAS STONE, SOIL, and other landscape supply needs. Their knowledgeable staff is always happy to answer your questions, offer expert advice, and guide you towards the ideal materials for your project. They also provide delivery services and equipment rentals, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience.

Transform your outdoor space into a personal paradise with the natural beauty and quality materials offered by CMX Outdoor. Visit their Katy location or browse their online selection today, and unlock the endless possibilities of TEXAS STONE and SOIL for your landscaping dreams!

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