Winter Plant Protection Guide

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Learn important ways to protect your plants during the winter. As temperatures drop, special care is required to ensure the resilience and vigor of your garden. Check out our expert tips for protecting your delicate plants and trees from frost and winter damage.


Protect your delicate plants with mulch and burlap When the cold season begins, protect your delicate plants by covering them with a layer of mulch or burlap. Mulch acts as a protective barrier, insulating the soil and roots, and burlap protects plants from high winds and frost. Our guide will explain how to use these materials effectively to give your plants maximum protection. 


Winter Watering: Feeding Dormant Plants Plants still need water during their dormant period. Learn about the importance of regular winter watering and the best timing to ensure your plants’ health and hydration. The experts at CMX Outdoor Landscape Supply discuss best practices for winter watering, emphasizing morning hydration to aid absorption before temperatures drop. 


Tree Trunk Wrap for Cold Resistance Young trees are susceptible to sunburn and winter damage. Learn the importance of wrapping tree trunks with special tree wraps to protect them from extreme weather conditions. Our comprehensive guide shows you the proper techniques to protect your trees from potential damage.