Black Mulch


Landscapers, Turn Up the Drama! Black Mulch from CMX Outdoor Elevates Landscapes with Boldness and Benefits.

Transform ordinary to captivating with CMX Outdoor’s premium Black Mulch! Unleash this timeless beauty and discover:

1. Curb Appeal Champion: Black mulch is the ultimate contrast king! It intensifies vibrant blooms, sets off lush greenery, and defines borders with striking precision. Turn up the drama, watch curb appeal soar!

2. Weed Warrior of Wonder: This dense shield smothers weed seeds before they sprout, minimizing weeding needs and saving you precious time and labor. Black mulch – your secret weapon for weed-free wonder!

3. Moisture Master and Temperature Tamer: Think of black mulch as a tiny sponge. It retains soil moisture like a pro, reducing watering needs and keeping plants healthy. Plus, it insulates soil, protecting plants from summer heat and winter chills. Black mulch – a moisture and temperature marvel!

CMX Outdoor’s Black Mulch: Your passport to stunning landscapes, simplified maintenance, and happy clients!

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