Kiddie Cushion Mulch


Landscapers, Playful Projects Await! Kiddie Cushion Mulch Transforms Playgrounds with Safety and Style.

Level up your playground designs with CMX Outdoor’s Kiddie Cushion Mulch! Elevate safety and ignite smiles with:

1. Injury-Defying Comfort: Say goodbye to scraped knees! This soft, impact-absorbing mulch cushions falls and tumbles, creating a safer space for little adventurers. Parents relax, kids play on!

2. Vibrant Design Playground: Ditch the dull! Kiddie Cushion Mulch comes in a kaleidoscope of colors and textures, letting you craft eye-catching play areas and inspire imaginative explorations. Every playground a masterpiece!

3. Maintenance Marvels: Less work, more playtime! This mulch suppresses weeds and retains moisture, reducing maintenance needs and ensuring your playgrounds stay vibrant and inviting for longer. More fun, less fuss!

CMX Outdoor’s Kiddie Cushion Mulch: Your ticket to safer, more vibrant, and easier-to-maintain playgrounds!

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