Premium Mix Soil


Premium Mix creates the ideal growing medium for trees, planting beds, and lawns. It’s especially popular for raised gardens.

  1. Perfect Balance of Nutrients for Optimal Plant Growth Our Premium Mix Soil is a premium blend of top-quality ingredients designed to provide your plants with the perfect balance of nutrients for optimal growth. This soil is enriched with a variety of essential nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, as well as trace elements that are vital to healthy plant development. With Premium Mix Soil, your plants will receive the perfect balance of nutrients they need to thrive and produce an abundant harvest.
  2. Superior Aeration and Drainage for Strong Root Development One of the key features of Premium Mix Soil is its superior aeration and drainage capabilities. This soil is carefully formulated with high-quality ingredients, such as perlite and vermiculite, to provide optimal aeration and drainage for strong root development. This means that your plants will be able to absorb water and nutrients more efficiently, leading to healthier and more robust growth.
  3. All-Purpose Soil for Versatile Gardening Applications Whether you’re growing vegetables, flowers, or houseplants, Premium Mix Soil is an all-purpose soil that can be used in a variety of gardening applications. This soil is ideal for use in container gardening, raised beds, and traditional garden plots. With its superior nutrient content and aeration capabilities, Premium Mix Soil is the perfect choice for any gardener looking to achieve optimal growth and performance.


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